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Swag bucks is a bait and switch scam. I did endless fukkin surveys that paid me one swagbuck instead of the 48-100 after 20 minutes worth of questions into the survey they claim you are no longer eligible after they have a completed survey. After tediously building up 1 swag buck at a time and getting to the 500 mark for a gift card they deactivate my account so they basically scammed me into... Read more

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I've been watching like 30-40 videos already and whenever I'm done with a group of 10, it shows that I've earned 3 SB and when I refresh the page, that 3 SB didn't add up to my existing number of SB. I tried closing and opening again the page and it's still the same number of SB before I watch the videos. this happened to me like 3 to 4 consecutive times already this day. I've been liking... Read more

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Holding e-gift cards due to can't verify my account have e-mailed them many times still can't get a answer for why my cards are being held Add comment

I got up to 450 swag buck for a 5 dollar amazon gift card then I brought it I still didn't receive it it been 3 month now Add comment


I tried to sign up for the surveys. I immediately received a "Fraud is Bad" sign on my page. I was not given help from customer service. I gave up my account and then was told by customer service that I should sign up again. I did so and again I got, "Fraud is Bad." I was never able to get into the survey dashboard, but was able to get into the others. They finally checked it out and found... Read more

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Finally, I got the replies from swagbucks. They told me they deactivated my account is because I shared with somebody. I told them I didn't shared with any body yet. No evidence. Just they think so, and then it is so. here is their reason. Our compliance systems have detected this account to be a multiple account I asked them this is because I didn't logout from one computer and then login... Read more

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Swagbucks deactivated the account without any replies. I played the game, watched the movie, Filled in those surveys. Recently because they increase bucks value for those videos. I nearly spend all of my weekends and my nights into it. I got 30 bucks in 2 weeks. But now, they just deactivated it without any reason or any notification. I Contacted the support group. But I didn't get any replies.... Read more

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i had won a swagstakes for a macbook air and then once i went to claim my prize i had to email for approval so i did then the next day i login to see my account was deactivated! so then i email them they tried to say i exploited a special offer but i showed them i had proof of purchase and everything and there still saying that is not enough proof im upset cause it took alot of swagbucks for... Read more

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I have 7,000 swagbucks and I only had my account for almost a month. I worked very hard to get that much because I wanted to save for a $100 gift card. I went over there policy and I have not broken any rules! I am the only one with a account in my household, I use the same computer, tablet and mobile phone to use swagbucks. I dont use my electronics at the same time (that's way to much work). I... Read more

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My family and I decided to open a swagbucks account a little over a month or so ago. We knew you could have more then one account as to not be sharing the same one. We were really liking the site and having fun. So when some family and friends came over we were talking about it and they decided they wanted one as well, so of course I said sure go make you one they are legit. Over this past... Read more

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