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I feel like I NEVER qualify for a survey. Or I spend ten min answering questions and then they 'redirect' you to another survey. Which is then 'maxed' out and sorry you get nothing. WTH?!? I checked my balance, and then went to redeem a gift card and of course- all the sudden the amount of swagbucks went from 300 to 500. I feel like it's a total scam. Even shopping on approved sites- 75 days to... Read more

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it looks like scam. they say they will send email, but it doesn't come. they say that we sent a link and if you can't use in 24hrs, request for resending. it's more than a week and i have not got the link resent. i would have tried to contact them 2-3 times in between but no, i didn't get response while they say they will revert in maximum 72hrs. i have no money and i have been trying to use... Read more

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What's with the requirement that I watch the same video two or three or four times or risk getting the snarky message about "Relax, it's not a clicking contest." Well no, I didn't think it WAS a clicking contest, which is why I thought watching the video once would suffice. And the surveys? Heavens! After a string of questions, they tell you the survey quota is "full." They couldn't tell you... Read more

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Spent a lot of time TRYING to do the surveys. I have made over 10 attempts to fill out just ONE survey WITHOUT success! Most times they said I did not qualify, other times they said the survey capacity was full, and the last one (this really was the tip of the iceberg) I got through 90% of the survey and they gave me a message saying "you were filling out the survey too fast, and we didn't save... Read more

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I stayed up all night three nights in a row doing surveys on swagbucks and finally when i went to redeem my swagbucks they deactivated my account! swagbucks is a ripoff they suck balls and they can shove there swagbucks up the ***! they will never get business from me or any of my friends ever again I can promise you that because it is wrong what they are doing to these people I am not the only... Read more

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This seems to happen every year. Once again this year, I am having problems redeeming my rewards via I was approved for the credit card and now my points are adding up much quicker and low and behold...they lock me out of my account claiming my password is incorrect. They send me a temp code and I am able to change my password. That still doesn't matter, as I need to verifiy my... Read more

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i cash out my swag bucks on october 14th 2015 it's been 10 days now and nobody won't message me back i try sending messages i want my money i worked hard trying to earn swag bucks my order is Verified they said it would take 10 days what's the hold up i need this money Order #14694375 there not doing there job for some reason why promise somebody something not keep there word they always paid me... Read more

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Personally i really like swagbucks idea .while implementing they doing many wrong things now a days u know we seeing many restrictions like if the guy have two accounts same user name or using multiple account in a laptop they just suspending the account without knowing to the people.Its CA based company what the *** need to implement in other countries like in indai.You know in india if u create... Read more

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They refuse to be held accountable for offers completed for which they owe a return on. No matter how much proof you send them they just will continue to pretend they did not get it or tell you it was not sufficient even if you have legitimately done everything that you were told to do. The fact that the actually pretend not to hear what you are saying tells me that they never had any intention... Read more

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swag closed my account without my permission after i contacted them about a offer been done trying to earn some swag bucks i never got thanks for it somebody needs to do something about closing them down however most people doesn't see it that way they keep on doing business with them this site doesn't care about there members i been a member for 5 years they always cheated me out of... Read more

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