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My account deactivated also without any reason. It's crazy to see so many people go through the same B.S. No email or answer to why I was deactivated.

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I just registered Swagbucks in Nov 2016 and I wish I can see this website earlier. I should not waste my time in this website. It is totally a scam 1) They said $5 for sign up or get 500 SB, but never get this 2) Sometime they won't give you SB after you follow their instruction , especially in "Discover" or Long "Survey". It seems they just use your personal information to get money from ads without give you what they promise. 3) They mentioned... Read more

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I had my account deactivated today after putting in countless hours.I am a mother of 17month old baby girl which is the reason I even used Swagbucks. I was using those giftcards to get Christmas gifts for my daughter, and after using some of my giftcards,15 minutes later my $40 in giftcards was then unavailable and my account deactivated without receiving any warning or reason of why it happened. I know $40 isn't much for many people but that... Read more

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I saw their promotion and signed up for account and did a legitimate subscription which I plan to keep if it was good yet the next day I log into check my sucscription and reward status and my account was deactivated. Wtf? I feel like they cheated me my personal information, address, etc.

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I was told i was going to get 5 free dollars with sign up amd never got it

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There's no way you can turn sub to cash??

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I have had two issues with taking a survey and not getting my points for them. I take the time to fill them out and then NOTHING happens to up my points. When I call the number for Swagbucks, I am directed to go to the website and fill out a form. I want to talk to a person!!!! I keep getting notices that I will lose my points if I do not reactivate my account, but when I try to do that by completing a survey, I do not get my points. I don't... Read more

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I had good luck with this company until October of 2016. I verified a $25 Paypal payment on October 7 which they said shipped on October 10.....but I have never received it. Attempts to contact customer service have been totally ignored. I verified another $25 Paypal payment on October 16 so wondering if they will stiff me on that one as well. I notice they are ripping off a lot of people this exact same way all of a sudden. I have 11,200... Read more

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I logged into this two days ago after seeing their ad on Craigslist. Not only is the compensation less than advertised, I now have a virus on my Macbook Pro! No matter what address I put on the address bar, their site comes up. Do not go there! I am being asked to enter at least 100 words. I will keep typing until I have 100 words.... I am being asked to enter at least 100 words. I am being asked to enter at least 100 words. I am being asked to... Read more

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Horrible i was souppose to vet a 3 dollar ebay gift card but my 280 SB was never added to my SB i waited 72 hours and never got it

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