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Update by user Nov 09, 2017

I received an email unrelated to my help request stating I was told I was inconsistent with my answers in error. They also gave me 5 Swagbucks as an apology.

So, they have addressed the glitch. For now I'm keeping it uninstalled.

Original review posted by user Nov 08, 2017

I rarely qualified for surveys. I answered basic questions the same each time.

Then I got a page that said "please be honest" and that my answers lacked attention to detail or were inconsistent. Huh?! What answers? I'm always female, the same age, same location...

Apparently many people have been seeing that lately. A glitch? Maybe, but they're not addressing it. Within their android app you'll also see a page come up saying a survey is only compatible with web browsers.

It's THEIR APP!! So you waste time seeing if you qualify and then you're told you can't take the survey. Another fun response is they have enough responses. But that's after all of the qualification questions....more wasted time.

If you seek out help via their app help form it doesn't allow you to add attachments to show whatever error or issue you found. It also makes you complete a captcha that takes several minutes to verify you're not a robot. So, that basically sends your help request into cyberspace. You get an email and you have to then follow up with that.

It's takes so many Swagbucks to even get just a $5 gift card. It probably would've taken me a year. I watched videos once, but they give you like 1 Swagbuck, maybe 2. I want to say you need like 1000 for $5.

The swag codes won't give you much either, and once you're notified they're available you have to go find it right away. There are plenty of errors with those too. And if you work and/or have a life and don't see the notification for a couple of hours, it's no longer available. I don't know how the online purchase deal works.

I don't care for the thought of linking my account to Swagbucks. Not saying it's not safe, but I'm not taking the risk. The surveys get you 30-100 Swagbucks approximately. That's IF you qualify and take them without an error.

One I actually got INTO and after 10 minutes, the next button failed to appear. I wrote help for that. I followed up via email to add the screenshot. They said they'd share the info.

I got Zero for that one. It's completely frustrating and a complete waste of time.

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