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We your customers need your help and the UK as well as the Cananda team are respnding to any requests and I have as well as other members of the panel have emailed them many times and nobody comes back to us. And this is my message to them also, For prove. See, it happened yet again. I tried to do this survey which was for 5 minutes and I would have earned 40 points for it. I answered correctly in everything they asked of me to do and it again is with this company that asks me your favourite destinations and to click on items like now I had to click on a picture that did not include a hammer. Then they ask what I did in the past 30 days and what you have in your house. Someone from the your team asked me to let them know about this incident and when it happen again to let them know so that they can sought it out. So, tonight I am letting you know and I say ' that this is a bit unfair and it is starting to upset me a bit.' please help me, thanks


Tuesday at 23:51

PS. I forgot to also mention that I wrote to your team last week in connection with me not being online, because I will be at a family wedding and I only really came back online Monday the 3rd of September and I told them that I would only be doing the to do list till I really came back online. Ticket number # 4475386. I actually really came back on tonight and I am wondering if there is a someone maybe coming onto my account and pretending to be me. There is also an email from one of your team members, but it was done on the 22 August 2018 and I was also told to be honest and as far as I know I was. So, now I am really upset about this. Something needs to be done with this survey company who just disconnects you for no reason. I find it actually quite upsetting and I am saying yet again, ' listen to your customers and you guys were really good and these type of survey companies can bring one down. I mean watch out for them, cos, they are dangerous and will only do you harm. Also some of your customers could end up suing you and that would not be nice. Just take this advice from another customer who is also trying to only help you too. You can make this site great again, by doing the correct thing. Have some convidence !


Today at 14:55

Today I would like to ask something of you people. That one survey company that all of us have issues with, why don't you check if it has a technical problem or is it them causing these issues. If so, why not let them go and help us find a better deal. I myself know that I have been honest with all my surveys,that I have done and find it unfair that they lie as well about some of your clients and because of them that I get disqualified all the time. It is your job that you have to protect and to keep your clients happy, not unhappy. I am actually fine with most of those survey companies, but not all of them! Like the one I mentioned above. Because I know with experience that somebody could bring you down and to be honest, that would not be nice and that means you would lose your jobs too. There are many people out there losing their jobs today and I need you guys to think about this all. I am also trying to help you guys too. Please do something, thank's


Friday at 12:10

Why is nobody responding, you know that I can take this further and I will if you do not start doing something about it. I am a nice person, just when companies just do not listen is so darn frustrating.


Friday at 12:12

PS. I am certainly not going to do those type of surveys that one company does. Whenever I see that one, I am just going to close it. The others are okay,excep't the one I mentioned above.Also, I do not care how many points I will earn on that one. The other ones are better and do not trap me or others like this one does. Please do something! Trust me, I am not the only client on Swagbucks Uk and Canada that is complaining. If you look at The UK's and Cananda's posts, you will see others complaining. Something needs to be soughted out here. Please help us, thanks and also my messages keep on getting ignored as well.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Getting swag bucks for searching normally.

I didn't like: Surveys continuing to mess up, Misleading ad and distorted website accusation on swagbucks, Some survey companies are misleading.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Sep 09.
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