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I was scammed

I had 30k in SB on my freaking account and when I log back in I’m at 22 witch is what I got the first day and also all my history is gone so wtf happened and do I get a refund of my SB I had


Text verification

I was not able to use text verification and a pin never got sent to my house. I would like to receive my money for my time please. Can someone help me?


Password and other things

Why wasn't I allowed to use my password at the help center. I had to get a new one.

My old password still works for getting on When do we get the 200 points bonus for the to do list we did in May?

Why can't I do my playlist of videos. I was told try changing my location, but I don't know what that means.


Amazon gift card provided by swagbucks

I had redeemed my sb for gift card and i got the gift card code to my mail id and i tried applying to myaccount several number of times and it showed invalidate voucher code/ check ur voucher code.. my gift card is not working please kindly help me



I do not remember my password for Swagbucks to verify my email


Gift cards

Do gift cards expire


Watch videos

None of the watch videos are working!


redeeming swagbucks

I am trying to redeem my swagbucks points and it will pop up for verification that it has sent a postcard to my address listed with a pin number. I assumed this was to my email address, however I have never received the email.

I really need to redeem my points to finish my Christmas shopping. Please help me


My gift card

I was told that my order for my Applebees $25card was shipped. I have not received an email in my email.

It was shipped on October 16,2017. When should I receive my email.

So I can use my card. Thanks.


how do I get my points dollars put on my PayPal account

My name is Angela I am desperately Seeking information on how I get my points / money put into my PayPal account please someone let me know as soon as possible it would be greatly appreciated thank you


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