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First and foremost, please notice (from screenshots attached) that after I asked them about something I was supposed to clearly be awarded for, the customer service representative Sarah convieniently and completely ignores everything that I wrote. This company is extremely deceitful.

I signed up after I saw a commercial that had a swagbucks code, you enter in the code for 1,000 swagbucks when you join. The site would not accept the code, I wish I would've taken screenshots but I didn't think the company would be so underhanded. Once I signed up (without the code) and entered the code as soon as I got to my home screen it said "code only valid for new users" EVEN THOUGH I WAS CLEARLY A NEW USER. My next issue was when I had someone sign up with my referral code.

I was supposed to get 1,000 swagbucks per sign up using my code. On their FAQ they say it could take something like 7-10 days before you see your account credited. When I e mailed them to ask when I would be credited, a woman named Angelica responded saying that the user that I signed up had to earn at least 300 swag bucks by May 31 in order for me to receive the credit for signing them up. The best part about the scenario is that her email back to me came in on June 1 which means there was no possible way for the person that I signed up to know they had to earn 300 swagbucks in order to complete the referral.

I was never informed that anyone I signed up had to reach a certain amount before I receive credit for signing them up. I did however see something that said I would get 10% of their earnings for life after you sign them up which now, I think is a big lie. Mind you, the person signed up about five days ago and I signed up one day before they used my referral code. Yet another issue I experienced was when I downloaded a casino game named "SLOTOMANIA" that stated you get 150 points for installing and getting to level five.

I'm on level 14 now I have emailed them screenshots of the offer as well as my home screen showing I downloaded the game as well as a picture of the actual game where you can see what level I am on. Still they ignore that email and do not respond. But they were happy to provide me with more information as to how I could sign up more people and receive only 500 swag bucks for that for the month of June. These people are utterly despicable.

Whoever runs this company should be fired, resign, whatever. I hope the companies that use their services eventually become wise to their ways and cut ties with them because this is not the proper way to run a business. I personally would not want to be associated with this company in anyway shape or form and I will be deleting my account. This is perhaps the biggest hoax I have ever dealt with.

Swag bucks you could not be more disappointing!


Product or Service Mentioned: Swagbucks Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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90% of my logged purchases never come though and then they turn around and blame me for their system not working, and therefore cannot give me the points I am rightfully owed. THATS FRAUD


Swagbucks is beyond dishonest. Hoping this company goes away at some point. SweatCoin is another one that is beyond dishonest but it's even worse.


Swagbucks is a very dishonored company. They just made profit from your effort and using all kind of excuse not giving you the SB reward which you deserve. SWAGBUCKS IS A SHAME!


The companies that use Swagbucks are just as deceitful and underhanded as Swagbucks is.....that is why they use each other. They can get there surveys done and only have to pay out half the time.


I agree Swagbucks is becoming shady. However, your review is shady as well.

NEVER has there been a 1000 SB for referring someone, it has been 300 SB and/500 SB. IF you read the details of how you and your ref will get points READ THE PRINT! It states ONCE your referral reaches 300 SB YOU & YOUR REF get the points. The 10% you state for life is true, I am receiving credit for my refs.

When you download games although it may be your first time via Swagbucks, it may not be your first time downloading the game (you must have downloaded it elsewhere to get credit.

You can ONLY get credit ONCE for the downloading of a game, regardless.

Your review is dishonest. I hope you would be a stand up person and EDIT it correctly.

to 6YRSwagger #1336415

You obviously work for swagbucks. There are many websites that state this is the reward.

My rwview isn't dishonest and you definitely need to do more research before making comments. I found this article in 1 second on google search. I'm sure there are more. It clearly states 1,000 swagbucks for areferral.

This one is actually from the swagbucks site.

to 6YRSwagger #1336416

Second response:

I would also like to state very clearly I HAVE NEVER DOWNLOADED A SINGLE CASINO GAME ON MY PHONE. I don't gamble on my phone or go to the casino and I only downloaded the game because of the 150 point incentive, which I never received.

So please just stop with your criticism. You're making assumptions that I downloaded a game in the past when I have never met you nor do I understand why you would think or assume that or even mention it, I'm a 3.8 GPA college student, I'm not going to be pushed around by someone who's making unfounded assumptions.

to 6YRSwagger #1336417

From swagbucks blog and clearly states 1,000 per referral.

to 6YRSwagger #1336424

I would also like to point out the word that you used "shady" means lying and dishonest. Assuming you were using it informally.

This is the dictionary's definition.

of doubtful honesty or legality.

"he was involved in his grandmother's shady deals"

synonyms: suspicious, suspect, questionable, dubious, doubtful, disreputable, untrustworthy, dishonest, devious, dishonorable, underhanded, unscrupulous, irregular, unethical

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